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My style of therapy is client centered and collaborative which allows for a unique therapeutic experience.
My approach focuses on integrating the various aspects of personal identity and improving your insight to help you lead a more authentic and fulfilled life. I draw from various approaches and techniques including: CBT, Motivation Interviewing, and Gestault therapy with emphasis on Psychodynamic and interpersonal approaches.
Using the therapeutic relationship as a model and vehicle for progress, my therapy seeks to increase awareness of behavioral patterns that may be engrained or dynamics from prior relationships that may be inhibit your personal growth


Senior Therapist

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with native language skills in both English and Spanish. Much of my experience includes working within the LGBTQ community which has allowed me to work with diverse client populations who present with equally diverse experiences as it relates to race, ethnicity, age, gender, and sexuality. I rely on a person-centered therapeutic approach as I seek to help you gain insight on your social and behavioral patterns, develop skills to increase feelings of empowerment, and reduce feelings of shame, anxiety, and self-doubt.